Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little bit to share...

OK I got my act into gear and scrapped 3 layouts over the long weekend!

Here's the first one:

This one is of me and Mum, circa 1975:

Journalling reads: Now that I am a mother myself, I am

able to reflect upon this photo and not only see the love and

devotion you have for me but I can understand it too. I see

the same look of love in your eyes as I have for my own children

today. {1975}

And Jack and some of his creations from kindy last year:

Other than that we had a very quiet long weekend. Today marks the 28th week of my pregnancy and this morning I went for my glucose/diabetes test, so both arms are sporting bruises at the moment! Its hard to believe there's only 12 weeks to go! Time flies when there's other kids to look after. Speaking of which, we're on the countdown til Monday when Ella starts Year 2 and Jack will go to kindy 2 days a week, leaving me at home with Tom. *sigh* I wish the 2 year old tanties would subside!

Looks like the east has inherited our hot weather this week and we have a bit of relief...hope everyone is coping OK!

Chat soon,


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slack slack slack....

Poor blog, I'm sorry I have been neglecting you but this is still all so new to me. Now that Christmas is over and school holidays are nearly over, I promise to be more attentive!!!

I have actually been scrapping, a little bit anyway, but nothing I can share at the moment. I am trying really hard to get motivated, and after reading my blurb in the SM magazine about how messy I am, I got quite embarrassed and promptly went out and spent over $800 at Ikea and organised all my stuff! Its a great feeling to know where everything is and where it all goes away. Now I just need some inspiration to use it. Perth weather has been pretty draining lately, and together with 3 kids and being 6 months pregnant, all I want to do is vege out.

Can someone please find my mojo and send it back to me? Pleeeease?????