Monday, December 15, 2008


The long awaited magazine has arrived! I have yet to devour it, but so far so good....WOW there is some amazing talent in that mag and I hope I can do my title justice. Thanks for all your lovely comments!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

OMG this blog stuff is frustrating the hell outta me...I am trying to work out things and it just isn't happening, I feel so stoopid!!! I will keep persisting.....

So today was damn hot, over 38 degrees and I am NOT a summer person. Being pregnant obviously doesn't help that matter either! Talk about a crankiness factor of 10+....Paul and the kids are steering well clear away from me LOL. We also spent 55 minutes in line waiting for the obligatory Santa photo this morning...luckily the 3 boys behind us had bubble blowers and kept my 3 amused for the entire time! Unluckily though, Jack had a complete meltdown once we made it to Santa and dead flat refused to have his pic taken, so it was just Ella and Tom and a crappy one at that! Oh well, I guess thats what make Santa photos so hindsight.

Decided to share a few pics of some recent projects I have been working on...not a lot of scrapping going on lately since Masters and with so many birthdays and Christmas too. Anyway, hopefully my mojo will pic up over the xmas break and I will have more to share soon....hope you like!

Tom doing his usual runner from me, wherever we may be!

Jack in happier times than today LOL

Christmas gifts for Ella's teacher

Our reaction to the (woopsie!) pregnancy!

Thanks for looking! (and PS....this entry just took me 2 hours! Its gotta get easier, right??)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally succumbing to peer pressure!

Well here I am in blogworld, after saying for years that I would never have a blog.....after all, who is interested in my life? LOL I think after checking out all the other winners of the Scrapbooking Memories Masters competition, it seems I am the only one out of the 10 that doesn't have a blog, so its time for me to put it all out there since no one seems to know who I am or what I do!

In a nutshell, my name is Julie Gordon, 33 years old and I live in Perth with my hubby Paul, kids Ella (6), Jack (4) and Tom (2) and baby #4 (a boy) due on April 21, 2009. As mentioned, recently named one of the masters for something that I am still trying to comprehend and allow to sink in, to be included with such a talented group of women is unbelievable and such an honour. Looks like all of Australia have seen the magazine except me, but the postie hasn't been yet so we will see if today is the day!

Thats enough for now, I will see if I am able to maintain this blog and if there is any interest in it!