Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Waiting and nesting....

4 weeks to go and counting....I can't stop nesting and I HATE cleaning!

Not much else going on, just a quick update of some layouts I have done recently as I am sure there won't be many more in the near future! I am feeling like a bloated whale and after meeting the lovely Anne-Marie Cox last week, fellow SM Master, I feel even bigger! I mean, she has TWO in there and I only have one! Anyway, we had a great catch up and gossip, hopefully we can get together again soon with all our little boys once they arrive!

Here are all the pages from my Kaiser clear album that is in the current SM mag 11.1: (they are all out of order...still haven't figured out this upload thing on blogger!)

Here are a few layouts I have also done:


  1. Amazing LO's Julie! Have missed seeing your work. You are looking wonderful!

  2. Beautiful work, Julie...any news yet??
    Has your little one arrived yet?

    Chelle Xx