Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some exciting news!

Very slack blogging from me lately, but now that Ben is starting to settle into something that remotely resembles a routine, I hoping to get some more scrapping and blogging done! Since he was born I have done only 1.5 layouts (the 0.5 layout is still unfinished from over a month ago!) plus another for Scrapbooking Memories that I can't share, but..........there will be more to come because..........

I have just been offered a 6 month guest designer stint with! I am very excited about this, a this kits are just gorgeous and Philippa does such a phenomenal job putting these together! I am itching to get my hands on my first kit and get creating! Its about time!
I have 2 other Masters projects on the go, other than that my life revolves around my little man. He is 8 weeks old now (already!) and we have had a few issues with feeding (he had tongue tie) but thats all sorted now and things are getting better. We are now madly trying to avoid swine flu, as someone Paul works with has been positively diagnosed with it...but this thing seems to be running rampant so I wouldn't be surprised if it goes through us too. God help me if it does......being cooped up indoors for a week or so would drive me insane!!!

Since I have no scrapping to share, I will leave you with these pics of baby Ben....


  1. What a cute little guy Julie! Ooh and congrats on yor new Dt spot at LimeTart. I agree, they have some awesome kits. I can't wait to see what you create!
    Toni C

  2. Ben is too cute... and what a good boy for smiling for his mumma and her camera!!!! My two little monsters smile their heads off until I point the camera at them... then they both do this synchronized doughy stuck out tongue routine... driving me nuts! Congrats on the Lime Tart gig... they are definitely the "cool kids in school"! Well done you!

  3. CONGRATS on the DT position hunny! Ben is a heart breaker for sure. I am glad you are all getting into a routine now. *big hugs*

  4. He is just cuteness personified, Julie!

    Congrats on the Lime Tart gig. You know that I'm thrilled for you :)

  5. Julie, I didn't know you blogged! Very exciting. Hope to see some new posts soon :-) (and some new scrapbooking!)

  6. Hi Julie! I love your blog - can't wait to see what you've been working on...Your kids are all gorgeous!